Captcha, VR and AI

I was wondering what if we reverse the role of a captcha: instead of asking to verify if we are not a robot, thus verifing if we are an human, it’s a entrance for “bots only” and you have to be the more “robotic”.

This captcha is in Virtual Reality, and you have to pass some mission ( like a game) to access this “bot only” access. Like a classic captcha it follows the logic of a task that can be done by human, but human have some issues when it’s too elaborate. Like captcha are often about image detection, where human are likely to be better than AI, it follows the inverse logic: we do task where machine are more likely to better than us, where machines don’t have hesitation : driving, shooting, climbing (without height scare ) ….

The more you progress on it the more it is difficult to morally, the idea is that machine wouldn’t have ethic issue about doing it.

The world is a kind of sand box — with some shooting phases.

The design of the world is around realistic models, homemade photogrammetry of rocks (modelisation via photography by algorithms), and also models extracted from google Earth, simple shape, strange shape made in Blender etc… I also made some custom shaders — to have material that seems “irreal”, bright shape, texture moving and scaling etc … it also has pattern in it.

Here are some gameplay :

You can download it, I made it primarly on Unity with VRIF framework, added also other framework, I tested it on a Occulus Rift. The uncompressed build is around 800 MB.